Why did we ever decide that limousines had to be based on panther body Fords when we could have been driving around in NASCAR-themed Grand Prixes? Now's your opportunity to show the world how wrong it's been!

This 10-passenger masterpiece is offered without reserve (!) at Barrett-Jackson's online July auction. It features the finest 3.8-liter V6 but does that really matter when the seats are arranged in a J shape to allow a "chance to relax in comfort while maximizing conversational opportunity?"

Does the 6-speed automatic matter when inside there's a full bar and entertainment equipment that "would be perfect for an outing with a few of your close friends OR a large gathering?"

Does it really matter that there's a safety recall issued for unintended ignition key rotation-oh. Actually that one does sound like it matters. Get that checked out.

Judging from the ad on the spoiler, this appears to have been a promotional vehicle for The Racing Experience, a company that offers people, as you'd expect, experience in racing cars (including stock cars, exotic cars, drag racers, dirt track cars, and formula cars) at 150 tracks in the US and Canada.

The livery is also painted with the name Orange County Racing Limos, another business that, according to our exhaustive research, exists. They don't seem to have a webpage and that's about as much effort as we're willing to put into this.

As we write this, the current bid is only $3,400 and there are only 9 hours remaining in the auction. Unfortunately, you will have to make your way to Scottsdale to pick this up, if you don't already live near there.

Even if you can't make it to Scottsdale, let it lift your spirits to know that such a fabulous piece of engineering excellence exists out in the world and is bringing someone joy.