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Think the new Charger should be a 2 door?

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As we are well aware, the charger looks to be making a come back, but the rumors are all pointing towards four doors! This is fine, but don't call it a Charger! If you agree with me, either send them a message here:

or contact one of the gentlemen from the Popular Hotrodding article on the potential for a new charger: [email protected] .... He says all emails he receives will be passed along to DC brass, so let them know a Charger is not a four door vehicle!

ps: if you have not seen the PHR article, here it is :
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I don't think there's much demand for 2 doors nowadays. That's why more and more manufacturers are getting away from it.
Originally posted by Rex Raider@Mar 14 2004, 06:35 AM
I don't think there's much demand for 2 doors nowadays. That's why more and more manufacturers are getting away from it.
like who? Everyone has shown some sort of coupe recently. A 2dr coupe is needed for every line up to spice up the boring 4dr sedans.
Nissan 350Z, Infinity G35, Honda Accord, Ford Mustang, Toyota Solara, Mitsu Eclipse, Hyundai Tib, Pontiac GTO, Chevy Cobalt, Mazda RX8(its like a coupe), Saturn Ion, and BMW 6 and 4 series are all new or redesigned coupes in the last few years. Right now the only coupe Dodge has is the stratus. A sporty, midsized coupe would be great, and built right along the lines of the sedan and wagon.

and who cares if its a 4dr? If it looks good, people are gunna want it. Im sure they will make a coupe. So if they make a coupe along with a sedan, will you be upset?
I agree. They're bound to eventually come out with a coupe version. Probably for the MY after the introduction.
As long as the 4 door was joined by a coupe, I would not mind.
If there is a coupe you won't see it until 2007 at the earliest. They are going to see if the RWD sedans and wagon sells before they try a coupe. If they sell well you will get a coupe.
I think that there will be far too much overlap if they make another 4 door sedan that is rwd. If they use the same platform for a coupe as well, then have at it. I just see a large gap in Dodges car lineup between an SRT-4 and the viper, and I think that Dodge needs a new 2door charger to fill the gap. Plus, anyone else notice how insanely long that concept looks with 4 doors?? I can picture people getting clipped off at the ankles when that thing hits them, cleaning off the sidewalks at every corner. You're gonna need a class B license just to drive the tihng!
The 4 door concept looks way too long, almost like a retarded Batmobile. Not only that, its ugly as hell. The 2 door concepts I have seen are really awesome though. Maybe the 4 door version will take some design from the 2 door concepts. Even a 3rd grader would know they look way better. I wouldn’t mind a 4 as long as there is a 2. The base models without real power and with four doors is going to make an embarrassment out of the Charger name even with the real 2 doors Hemi powered examples on the streets.
I prefer 4 doors, and I prefer the Charger stay a 2 door.
So I'm hoping they pump out a sedan version of the new
Magnum from Dodge and a 2-door version for a Charger.
(And make that Magnum R/T priced down to $26K range.)
I agree that the charger name, like roadrunner have to be reserved to the 2 door.
It would be so cool to see a performance 2 door the same time when the camaro will be here to kill the donkey!!
Alot of people seem to expect a Camaro/Mustang competitor in the Charger. But the Charger always was a bigger car, and bigger cars do well today in 4-door.

The Challenger was the Mopar pony car... and that might be the nameplate that brings us the mid-sized 2-dr ... V8 and RWD, of course.

I think if you lopped off two doors from the Magnum, it'd not sell very well as a coupe.
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