As an avowed lover and owner of squarebodies few things warmed the ****les of my heart last year like seeing a Silverado dressed up like a Cheyenne from the '70s.

The truck was a product of Blake Greenfield Chevrolet in Wells, Minnesota and it got a fair amount of traction online. Now, though, there are more of these trucks coming out of the woodwork and they are all precious gifts that are deserving of our affection.

The latest is a Tangier Orange and white 1500 crew cab LT 4X4 and it even has retro hubcaps. The truck comes from Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

There's also a dealer in Colorado (John Elway Chevrolet) that's been doing this, so clearly there's a market for it, Chevy.

As a lover of two-tone paint jobs-and an observer of their return in Toyotas and Volvos-this is an exciting time. It's a perfect combination of consumer love, cheapness, and timing for Chevy and GMC to introduce a couple of official throwback trucks like these.

Until then, though, you can take your 1500 to Wells to have Blake Greenfield Chevrolet give it the Cheyenne Super 10 treatment.

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