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Then there were two (but maybe three... but probably two...)

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So, the car hunt seems to have come down to two, with a third wild card if the seller is able to come down (and would instantly top these other two on my desire list)

AXED FROM LIST: Supercharged 2004 GTO, price dropped to $13,900 for me. Ad

Option Two: Stock 2004 E55 AMG, likely around $16k. Ad

Wildcard: Twin Turbo 2004 GTO, if they can do $18k shipped (has current higher offer.) Ad
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What a pickle.

The E55 is the most elegant.
Twin Turbo GTO is the coolest.
White GTO isn't awful.

Never been a fan of GTOs, so I would go with the E55... but it's comparatively boring-looking.

Depends which is faster.

Also, that E55 is $17,500, not $13k.
Whoops, thanks for catching that! $16k is what he's willing to do. I do love the GTO's, and I've had one before. Loved it. They're so different, but both are great in their own unique ways.
If the shop that did the Procharger on the GTO is reputable and local, that would alleviate some concern for me. Having had a GTO before, are those other mods familiar to you? If so, that's good.

One trip to the repair shop with the E55 could mean mega bucks.

Similar mileage, similar $, one auto, one manual. Let us know how it goes.
So, after speaking with various folks over at LS1GTO, I've decided to back off on Option 1, as they highly suggest buying only if the vehicle drops down around $10k given its miles and history.
So, just checked out and test drove the E55 AMG. Idles well, pulls strong, runs well. He can get me maintenance records from the shop he takes it to, which he said has several past Mercedes techs. Also, the only issue I found is the sunroof, which doesn't auto open or close. To open, you have to keep clicking the lever back every few inches, but closes without stopping when holding the lever. He has already replaced SBC, which is a good thing.

Unless something changes - such as that white twin turbo GTO with 35k miles dropping its price, I'll be signing the paperwork for the E55.

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