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If I owned GM, I would have one world line-up for each of my brands. I simply believe in a standardized world line-up. Please note that these pictures are to represent each model as they are now at this moment and are the best representation I could find.


Buick currently sales their cars in China and N. America. The model line-up for N. America and China are entirely different. I believe they should be unified as one model line-up & Buick should spread their products to Europe and the Middle East. Buick would be a premium car brand one notch underneath Cadillac and their cars would clash with each other, but then again Cadillac is more sport oriented than Buick. I believe their line-up should look something like this:

Buick Excelle: (Currently only sold in China)

This would be a small compact premium sedan. With rising gas prices, more people will probably want smaller cars but not want to give up their creature comforts. It would compete with the Lexus IS and the Volvo S40, along with other small premium cars.

Buick LaCrosse: (This is the Chinese version, North America gets a lame one.)

This is a midsize front-wheel-drive luxury sedan that would compete with the Lexus ES350 Front-wheel drive, Toyota Avalon, Acura RL, Lincoln MKZ, Chrysler 300C, and Jaguar X-Type.

Buick Park Avenue: (Currently only sold in China)

This is a large rear-wheel drive luxury sedan that would compete with the Lexus LS460, BMW 7-series, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, and any other large luxury sedan.

Buick Enclave: (Currently only sold in North America)

This is a large crossover SUV. It currently competes with the Lexus RX330, Acura MDX, BMW X5, Mercedes M-Class, Toyota Highlander, and many other nicer midsize crossover SUVs.

Other Buick products would be a coupe version of the Park Avenue and perhaps a coupe roadster to draw attention.


Cadillac currently sales their cars in every continent except Antarctica. They currently have specific cars for different markets such as the DTS sedan for N. America, the BLS sedan for Europe, Mexico, & S. Africa, and the SLS for China only. I believe they should have one standard line-up for every market they sale in much like BMW & Lexus do. Like they are now, Cadillac cars would be sport oriented, focusing on a harmonic blend of luxury & performance.

Cadillac BLS: (Currently only sold in Europe, South Africa, and Mexico.)

The Cadillac BLS comes in sedan & station wagon form. It would compete with the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, Buick Excelle, Lexus IS, Infiniti G37, Acura TSX, and many other premium small sedan/wagons. It needs to be redesigned from what it is now into a rear-wheel drive car with lots of cabin technology.

Cadillac CTS: (Sold all over the world.)

This is a midsize Sedan that would compete with the Acura RL, Lexus GS450, Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-Series, Infiniti M35, Audi A6, Buick Lacrosse, and Lexus ES350. I would also offer a Direct Injection 4.6L V8.

Cadillac SLS: (Currently only sold in China and U.A.E.:)

This would be a large luxury sedan to compete with the BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class, Lexus LS460, Jaguar XJ, Audi A8, and other large luxury sedans. (We have a currently have a Cadillac STS, which is a shorter version of the SLS with a cheaper interior.)

Cadillac BRX: (Currently in development)

Midsize luxury crossover to compete with the Lexus RX330, Acura MDX & RDX, BMW X3, and other smaller luxury crossovers.

Cadillac SRX: (Currently sold all over the world)

Midsize luxury crossover to compete with BMW X5, Mercedes M-Class, Audi Q7, Acura MDX, Buick Enclave, Land Rover LR3/Discovery, Lexus GX470, and other midsize luxury SUVs. I think it needs to be redesigned even though the one they have now is nice, it’s been out since like 2004-2005ish.

Cadillac XLR: (Sold all over the world.)

Sport Coupe that competes with the Mercedes SL-Class, BMX 6-Series, Chevrolet Corvette, and other sport coupes. I would redesign it for this is also from the 2004-2005 area. (I hear they are working on an update actually.)

Cadillac Escalade: (Sold in N. America, Europe, and Asia.)

Large luxury SUV to compete with Mercedes GL-Class, Lexus LX570, Toyota Land Cruiser, Audi Q7, Land Rover Range Rover, and other large luxury SUVs.

Other products Cadillac should introduce is a sport roadster about the size of a Saturn SKY or a BMW Z4. Also a super-exotic mid-engine that is hand built to go along with the SLR McClaren Mercedes and Lamborghini. It would draw positive media attention to the brand.


Chevrolet has been a global brand for some time. It has operations in every continent with the exception of Antarctica. They are an affordable car company offering reliable products.

Chevrolet Beat: (Currently a concept car.)

With fuel rising, more people would love to have a small car to run around town with. This would compete with the Smart Fortwo.

Chevrolet Aveo: (Sold globally.)

A little bigger than the Beat, the Aveo is a practical sedan or hatchback for up to five people. Competition includes the Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa, and Honda Fit. The Aveo needs help though, it needs a more cool look that doesn’t look like it’s trying, better safety ratings, and to be a top fuel economy performer.

Chevrolet Cobalt: (Only sold in N. America)

This is a compact sedan or coupe to compete with the Honda Civic, Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla, and Ford Focus. It is in desperate need of a cooler looking redesign for the current body style is more than outdated. It needs some neat little techy goodies to lure in the kiddos like navigation screen and a sound upgrade.

Chevrolet Malibu: (Only sold in N. America.)

The Chevrolet Malibu is a good looking midsize family sedan. It has outscored the Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima in recent comparison tests and comes extremely close to out beating the Honda Accord that costs more. The Malibu is nice, but could use more cabin technology such as a navigation system, bluetooth, and also increased fuel economy. It runs up against the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, would run up against the Ford Mondeo in other markets, and other midsize sedans.

Chevrolet Impala/Lumina: (Lumina only sold in Middle East.)

Our Impala is a front-wheel-drive car with nice looks, but nothing to grab attention. It does offer a 5.3L V8, but the front-wheel-drive handicaps the engine’s potential and the interior is nothing unique. In the Middle East Chevrolet sales a car called the Lumina (Pictured Above) that is rear-wheel-drive and has more aggressive looks. It would be a wonderful Impala in the U.S. and would do well as a Lumina in China.

Corvette: (Sold globally with the exception of China.)

It’s such a lovely car. Sale it everywhere.

Colorado: (Sold in N. America and the Middle East.)

The Colorado is old news now. It desperately needs a redesign with a more aggressive stance and a sportier interior.

Silverado: (Sold in N. America and the Middle East.)

GM should see what the Chinese think of it.

Avalanche: (N. America and the Middle East.)

GM should consider phasing it out if sales aren’t good. It’s not really a true pickup truck or SUV and seems like a trend that will fade away as gas prices soars.

Captiva: (Currently sold in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia as a Holden)

The Equinox is actually getting a redesign soon, but it would be better, in my opinion, that they just made the Equinox as the Captiva instead. Competitors include the Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, and other smaller SUVs.

Traverse: (Currently planned for N. America only.)

It looks to be a good competitor of the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Nissan Pathfinder, and other various midsize SUVs.


Suburban: (Currently sold mostly global with the exception of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.)

Uplander: (Currently this model shown is a Buick GL8 sold only in China.)

Well the Uplander we have in the United States has received little buying attention and terrible reviews. In China they have the Buick GL8 minivan with a luxurious interior and neat headlights. They should take that same minivan and slap a Chevy front clip on it and a few other bow-tie badges in place of the Buick badge. In N. America, minivans are perceived as a soccer mom car, so, unlike China, it would be unsuccessful to market it as a luxury MPV in the U.S. It, as a Chevy, would be for the N. American market as another minivan to compete with the rest.

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A Buick GL8 with Chevy badges slapped on it would be the same mediocre vehicle as the Uplander. Look at the A-pillar back - it's the same body that has been around for 11 years. It is extremely out of date, hence the poor reviews.
I don't know if a GL8 would recieve horrible reviews, it has a swanky interior.
Besides, I said that each picture is the best current representation. The GL8 is subject for a redesign, and if I were GM, I would consider badge engineering it to be a Chevy in N. America at least.
This sounds like a viable line up. But, I would have to add Saturn in just as they are because they are the pinnacle of what I think a car company would and should be.
The reason there is no Saturn or Pontiac is because they don't sell there cars over seas like Chevrolet, Cadillac, & Buick. I am focusing on the global American brands from GM.
Sold Global with the exception of 3/4 of the globe? LOL

I agree with most of your post, most makes sense, some I would see a different vehicle in it's place, but thats just personal preference and everyone on here could see something in that line up changed, and someone else could see something different again....
Well, for the most part this list has pictures/names that best represent that space at this moment. For example, Equinox or Captiva? I decided to go with Captiva because it looks a little more SUV like, but maybe an Equinox is better.
No Camaro?
Maybe I forgot the Camaro because GM keeps pushing it back 100 years at a time.

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No Camaro means this list fails. 44520340324832 SUV's and Trucks, but no Camaro.
And the Camaro will succeed as the premium coupe that Chevy is propping it up to be? Any Chevrolet purist would say what Chevrolet is doing to that nameplate, what was originally a working man's car is turning into young urban professional's next car that he cross-shops with a BMW 3-Series, is not the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Needs a Camaro.
And your idea for a Impala/Lumina wouldn't would just be a G8 rebadge...not a good idea in this day and age.
But I do agree that the Captiva should be brought over and used in some application.
Well all the reason to rework that Lumina exterior and interior.

See problem with this thinking is the average American doesn't want to drive what the average Frenchmen or average Cambodian wants to drive. I am sure there can be overlap in some lineups but to have no exclusive vehicles for a country is udder ridiculousness.
Well of course you don't have to sell the Suburban in Europe, it is quite obvious they don't care much for that. Didn't take rocket science for me to figure that Europeans don't like big 4x4s. Also I believe you can at least have a niche market in N. America with small cars like the Beat.

Ahh, that's good that a redesign is coming.
Your sarcasm makes me laugh. See I can be sarcastic too!

Interesting lineup, but you managed to axe out practically all C-class and lower cars. THis lineup would do well in America, but it would fail miserably outside the North American market.
No, it would do quite fine actually.

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Then how does Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Acura do it so well?
Even the N. American Honda Accord is the Japanese Honda Inspire, they seem to get a good use out of all their body styles. The Acura TSX is a Honda Accord in Japan & Europe, so they are smart for making big bucks off what is simply an Accord in those markets and then, from what I can tell, our Accord, Japan's Inspire, seems to be marketed as a premium sedan too, so they are probably making good money off their home market with that. Mercedes & BMW may have smaller cars offered in other countries, but they are considering bringing those over to the states due to increasing fuel prices, so that's where we have our BLS replacement, Aveo redesign, Excelle, and Beat come into play here. I highly doubt a European would buy a Cadillac B-Class type car since Cadillac is aspiring to play with Bentley again, so that would throw off their point. Also I thought people on here would just understand the big SUVs where mostly intended for where they are at, I wasn't expecting everyone to jump on my back about that, holy crap. Why would a Malibu do terrible? Doesn't Opel have the hideous Vectra? Is the Malibu too smooth and long for Europe? I guess. I also thought, since Buick doesn't really have a reputation, why not enter it in at least the Middle East? Why would it do terribly there? They buy H2s, so why not Park Avenues? This all is just a "what if" thing, I'm not market planner for GM or whatever.

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Sorry if I came across "jumping on your back"! It wasn't my intention! You make a lot of valid points, and as I noted earlier, you seem to have put a lot of thinking into it.
No, it was almost everyone bickering at me about the big SUVs. To clear things up, I meant for those to be for the markets they are already in. I personally don't like Hummer that much, and I can't see them becoming a useful brand. GMC doesn't have a point, but I was once in love with the GMC Yukon Denali and still fancy the Sierra Denali, but due to gas prices, I don't consider seeing myself in any of those in the future. So those two brands I question if they are valid for the GM line.

I would still have Saturn, I didn't include it because they are all rebadged Opels, that's what I would make it. European flair. Also I am not saying that these models, the ones you see in the pictures are THE ONES, i am saying these pictures represent the best match out of the cars CURRENTLY sold or in concept form. I would have a redesigned Cobalt if I was GM, but since there is none, that is the picture I had to use. So if you see a car and think "that won't sell in Europe, it's outdated!" Well, I know, but that's the best they have now.

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I think the Malibu could do really well if GM made the interior a bit more upscaled. I believe, with this weak dollar, that they could even make a good profit if they maketed as a entry level executive car in Europe as has been mentioned. Maybe this doesn't work both ways, but when we used to have the Lumina, the premium trim on it was called something like "Euro" and I have seen the word "Euro" used for other premium trims on cars because Americans get this idea of leather, racetracks, and high reving engines. So maybe even with the name Malibu, it can give Europeans that idea of luxury since it's named after an affluent communitiy in Los Angeles County.

Seriously, they should have gave it a more premium interior like the Accord, I think it is possible to market it as a entry level executive car in other markets.

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I sincerely hope this is a joke. The non-premium executive car market is long dead in Europe, in many ways replaced by the ever-growing large family cars. The Malibu has neither the refinement, technology, quality or looks to compete with the likes of even the Pug 607. If it at least had a rear armrest, we could talk Hyundai Sonata...

Observe these cars, the Peugeot 607, the Opel Vectra, the Honda Accord Euro, the Ford Mondeo, and the Chevrolet Malibu. That Malibu looks quite good. If you added rear projection beam headlamps, a little more pizazz to the dash, and your armrest to the rear, I think it would be a good contender.

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Against midsizers - yes. Against executive cars - not so much. I don't see Audi A6 running away screaming seeing a Malibu...

Also, the Malibu nose, as posted, is a viable competitor. The hunchbacked, fatso silhouette with slab sides, and the strange rear end - not so much. And, as mentioned, the interior needs lotsa work... I am not saying the car is not good - it is, but it wouldn't do much more than the Epica currently can.

PS. If they sold the Malibu here, I'd buy one. But I don't think that many people would - remember the "Chevrolet Alero"?
I actually like the rear of the Malibu. Well the Chevrolet Alero might not be a five star auto, U.S. has had its fair share of not-so-good autos too. We too had the Alero, of course, and a horrid Buick line up of 4 lame look-alike sedans. GM is managing to make the Enclave hott and the Malibu a worthy contender, I see plenty of both on the road. (But I see more 2008 Honda Accords.)

Also I mean for the Malibu to be more of a family sedan with a little more icing on the cake in Europe. A poor man's Audi A6 or BMW 5-Series, something with leather seats, a navigation system, and a direct injection V6 borrowed from the CTS. If it could do as well as the Epica, then great!

The reason I would want a global line-up with brands is to cut down on costs, wouldn't it be cheaper to just design one car? Also you wouldn't have, "Why do they get that?!" Prime examples of that right now is the Ford Mondeo, Ford Focus Europe, Chevrolet Captiva, Buick LaCrosse, Buick Park Avenue, and Ford Falcon. I don't know of any Europeans complaining about the states getting a car they don't have though.

Another car I think GM should consider is a Chevrolet Express replacement. Do something like the Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter perhaps since gas will only go up.

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I dont think that Chevy ever said that the Camaro will be a premium coupe. I am a Chevy purist, and Im not saying that. Why would anyone say that? I dont see where you are getting that idea at all. Clearly the Camaro will be priced along with its "working class" competition, and if takes a few BMW guys or gals away from a 3 series coupe, then so be it.
So you haven't heard of the talk of it being a premium coupe from GM?

And for the other discussion of the name "Vega," I don't particularly care for it. Just the name its self. And Chevrolet could name the European van something else I guess in Europe since it has already been taken, perhaps Expressvan, lol.
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