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The "Recall Problem" has become a "Problem".

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DETROIT - Volkswagen is recalling more than 440,000 Jettas and Beetles to fix a problem that can cause rear suspension failure if the cars aren't fixed properly after a crash.
The recall covers 2011 through 2013 Jettas and 2012 through 2013 Beetles.
VW says in documents posted by U.S. safety regulators on Wednesday that if rear trailing arms are damaged in a crash and not repaired correctly, they can fracture suddenly. That can cause loss of control and possibly a crash. Trailing arms connect the axle to the frame.

The company says there have been no crashes or injuries in the U.S., but there were reports of fractured trailing arms mainly in Asian countries.

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A Recall because of an apparent error of "Repairing it wrongly after an accident?"

Where is this "World of Safe" going to?
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Isn't that the case for most repairs? If not done properly the fix will fail?
I am trying to figure out how VW is at fault when a 3RD party fails to do a proper repair UNLESS VW procedures cause the improper repair then I could see VW being liable for cars repaired following VW's incorrect repairs
It is a bit confusing but it may relate to what VW has specified for repairs under its warranty.
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