Chevrolet's chopping more than just the nose for the 2019 Camaro. The price is getting a nip and tuck too, dropping by as much as $3,000. That puts it under the Mustang, depending which model you're looking at.

It's combined with Ford raising prices on the base Mustang to make the entry level Camaro a performance bargain. The base EcoBoost coupe is up to $27,115 from $26,745 and the EB Premium is now $32,130 from $31,760. GT prices are unchanged.

The Camaro will start from $25,995 for the 1LS model, putting it $1,120 less than the Ford. Automatics see another $100 added to the difference, making the Camaro base automatic $1,220 less than a EcoBoost Mustang auto.

LT trims see an even bigger drop. 1LT cars drop by $1,200 and 2LT is slashed by $3,000. Though like Ford's V8 models, the SS cars don't change price this year. That leaves the 1SS at $37,995, $1,645 more than a Mustang GT.

The lower prices could put more undecided buyers into Chevy's base cars, but the more expensive versions could see buyers preferring Ford.