Unifor's National President, Jerry Dias, says both Ford Canada and FCA have been more amicable towards future Canadian investments than General Motors.

"Though we have similar challenges with both Ford and Fiat Chrysler, they understand investment decisions are going to be part of 2016 negotiations," Dias said during a press conference after meeting with both Ford and FCA on Thursday. Dias spoke with GM on Wednesday.

Dias says the Big Three were more than willing to commit billions of investment dollars during negotiations with the UAW last year and expects nothing less in their wranglings with Unifor.

Securing investment from the Big Three is Job 1, which Dias says without would mean the death of the Canadian auto sector.

Unfortunately for Oshawa negotiations have entered the paradoxical stage. Unifor says they won't sign a thing until new investments are secured, while GM says they won't talk about new investments until Unifor signs the contract.

"GM will change their position during this set of negotiations, the only question is when," Dias said. "We are determined we are going to find long-term solutions for our Oshawa operations."

The current four-year contract expires at 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 19 with all three companies.