The last time there was a car show in Shanghai, Chevrolet brought along a Hot-Wheels car, this time, the concept has evolved into something much more relatable.

Following the Find New Roads concept penned by GM's Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center in 2015, Chevrolet has refined and updated the theory for 2017, debuting the FNR-X all-purpose sports concept at this year's Shanghai Auto Show.

Sized about the same as Toyota's CH-R, the FNR-X looks and sounds like something Chevrolet should put into production--on both sides of the Pacific.

Chevy says it's digital LED headlamps and taillights "combine the brand's characteristic dual-element light design with the mortise and tenon joint used in traditional Chinese woodwork, delivering a high-tech, artistic feeling underpinned by the spirit of craftsmanship." I call shenanigans, this thing is pure Camaro.

Everything about the FNR-X is designed for adaptability: it's PHEV drivetrain can switch between gas and electric motivation, while its suspension and handling characteristics are easily modified thanks to a trick suspension system that adjusts ground clearance on command.

The FNR-X also promises state of the art autonomous driver assistance through the use of optical and acoustic recognition sensors across the body structure; it will then select the optimal route based on its predictions for complex road conditions.

Somewhat ironically, the compact crossover offers an impressive array of active aerodynamic features like active front and rear spoilers and moveable skirts which respond to changing drive modes. The FNR-X also gains active grille shutters and "switchable wheel blades" which are supposed to reduce drag during high-speed operation.

Unique remote control rear-hinged doors welcome you to a cabin featuring "high-tech fabrics" and intelligent ambient lighting which changes along with the driving modes. The steering wheel and dashboard once again scream Camaro, while the front seats are attached via multipurpose rails along with a split-folding second row for more storage.

The binnacle is an Organic Light Emitting Diode dynamic display--similar to the Cadillac Escala's--which is joined by a speech interaction system, an individually customizable information system, and a panoramic intelligent augmented reality head-up display.

It's unclear if there is any production intent for the FNR-X whatsoever, but certainly, expect to see some of the systems of technology ideas coming to life over the next several years.