Napoli Kia of Milford, Connecticut, of all places is selling a peculiar car. It's not just that it's selling a Pontiac, nor that it's selling a Pontiac from 1964. More peculiar than all of that is the fact that it's a one-of-one Pontiac Banshee.

With an asking price of $750,000, the history of the model seems to be no surprise to Napoli Kia. If you're a little at a loss to explain this Corvette-looking weirdo, here's the story.

The Banshee was a skunkworks project led by John DeLorean that was axed so as to not steal the Corvette's sales. It's not to see why GM might fear that. The Banshee, though, was intended to compete against the Mustang. The lack of a rear seat may have made that difficult, though.

Under the hood, there's a 230 cubic-inch straight-six sending power to a four-speed manual. Along with the fiberglass bodywork, the Banshee should be a light, fun little sports car.

Not that whoever buys this will likely be driving. With fewer than 1,500 miles on the clock, values will likely be tied to how original and unblemished the car is.

Just why Napoli Kia owns this isn't a mystery at all. Despite selling new Kias, the dealership has more than a few old Pontiacs. A collector, the dealership has everything from GTOs to GXPs.