As successful in sales as it was long-lasting, there's no shortage of C3 Corvettes on the road. And although it's not the most sought after generation of Vette, as vin #00002, there's good reason to get excited about this particular one.

Sold in, of course, 1968, this Corvette Bronze C3 is "the earliest C3 to exist," according to no higher an authority than the windshield.

I hope you like rich earth tones, though, because with being "bronze" on the outside, it's Dark Orange on the inside--a brave color combination if ever there was one.

Luckily it was well looked after. It comes with a binder of documentation, awards, ownership history from new, and all the receipts related to a nut and bolt restoration.

It's powered by a 327 L79, which send its power to the wheels through a 4-speed manual and it's only driven 40,021 miles.

More importantly, as we start to get a little distance for the '70s and the smell of Drakkar Noire starts to wash off the car, we can appreciate that wild design a little more. That means that values are set to rise and this one, in particular, looks like a smart investment.

via CorvetteForum