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I'm of the "Mercedes has lost its way" persuasion, but some of the gizmos discussed in the article actually sound really cool and truly useful. My favorite:

a traffic-jam program that allows the S-Class to creep forward of its own volition using the parking sensors to judge the distance to the car in front
Now that's a pretty freakin' cool idea.

Then there's this other idea that's not only eminently practical, but also represents an advance of automotive technology that competing luxury brands could only hope and pray that someday--SOMEDAY--they will be able to have something ALMOST AS COOL as this...

Also planned is night vision that uses an infrared camera to alert the driver of obstacles in the darkness
Please, Mercedes-Benz engineers, PLEASE share the secrets of this great technological breakthrough with all those other laggards you compete with!...

... :rolleyes:
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