This is the greatest C3 Corvette in the world. A full-on tube-frame IMSA racer with a V8 left over from the outrageous Can-AM series. And you can buy it. Right now.

It's one of just two tube-frame cars built for IMSA racing. Driven by notorious racer John Paul Sr of JLP racing. We'll let you Google that name if you don't recall the story. It's a chrome-moly frame instead of mild steel, making it stiffer and lighter (and more expensive). But that's nothing on the bodywork surrounding the frame.

The styling is Corvette turned up past even 11. This has to be a 13 out of 10. It's just louder. Massive front spitter, huge flared arches, a power bulge that's bigger than a bathtub, NACA ducts photographed by NASA, and, well, a surprisingly tame rear wing given all the rest of it.

Powering this beast was an all-aluminum big-block V8. 8.2L. Yup, 500 cubic inches. Sitting around after being used in the bonkers Can-Am series, it made somewhere around 750 hp and 800 lb-ft. With other tricks in the chassis like magnesium brakes from a Porsche 935.

It's now in the hands of Canepa, one of the country's premier vintage race car shops. It's been completely restored down to the frame. Now, the car is for sale. And it is eligible for IMSA vintage racing.