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This past weekend, I started the task of going through my files and things to "clean up" and attempt to get things the way I've always wanted them ... not that I really know what that means.... Heh ... whatever it is, I probably should be doing some of that now ... but, I've waited this long, a little more procrastination won't hurt ;).

While going through those files, I came across a newsletter that a friend of mine (who I realized I haven't seen in a few years) published during our college years. This "newsletter" was a "magazine" of sorts that featured writings from various friends at the college. He named it "The Raunch". I was pleasantly reminded of some of the writings I had submitted to him for publication, some of which were poems/writings that I had done for one of my creative writing courses.

But, one glared out at me. I titled it "The Laugh" and here is what my friend wrote to me in an Email (Yes, I saved the Email ... he he) about it after I submitted it to him:
"I loved what you wrote. I haven't laughed at a piece of writing in a while, but I did at yours. Some of the jokes might be a little too insider, like the crack about the Ford, but that's totally you. Overall, it has my stamp of approval. Thanks for submitting."

After I read what I had written, I can see a little bit of why he laughed at it. But, at the same time, I see a dark side that I don't think I've noticed in myself for a long time. It, actually, was kind of neat to read it 12 years later.

With that, here is what I wrote:

I got the last laugh.

Nevin always said that I cared too much about her. Maybe he was right.

But he's dead now.

Yes, I did care about her. And why shouldn't I? She is nice, good looking, has a wonderful laugh, smells great.

Everything a guy could want.

But, she goes out with almost every "bad" guy imaginable.

When I first met her, she was going out with someone who she said was nice. I met him. He was a jerk. He yelled at her. I think he drove a Ford.

Then, she quit dating him and moved on to a mutual friend of ours. That was fine. Then, she cheated on the poor kid.

Then, she started dating someone else. Damn kid had a car just like my brother's, a feat only the devil could accomplish. Once, when I visited, her mom peered out the window, saw brother's car, and told her that her boyfriend was there. You should have seen the look on her face. Ouch!

I looked out the window, saw brother's car and no other. Problem solved.

Then, she dropped that kid like a rock, or rather, he dropped her like I don't know what. She moved on.

Don't know who she's dating now. Or, if she's dating anyone. Hell, she could be married.

But, I don't care. I've killed her, just like Nevin. Them fools.

I got the last laugh.

Interesting, eh?

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