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GM's Jerky Lawyers need to get a clue.

1. SLP has stuck with GM through thick and thin, even with the loss of real performance cars in the Camaro and Firebird. Who else makes performance tuner house versions of the Buick Regal or appearance pacakages for the Chevy Blazer? Thet's right - NOONE.

2. GM let the Judge and the GTO lapse. Their fault for not giving us the GTO / Judge for so long and feeding Pontiac "sporty" ribbed garbage like the Grand Am SC/T with fake hood scoops for so long.

3. Last I checked, SLP product was sold on Dealer Lots. The customer won't know the difference.

4. Who DOESN'T want a 421 Judge? GM, I guess. Because we'll probably never see that from the Beancounters at GM -- not at least in this decade.

5. GM needs to look at the whole picture and call off the lawyer attack dogs.
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