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The GMI Hybrid Well of Knowledge

E-rev, Two Mode PERV, Merv, :confused:

Scratching your head yet?

This is a thread for all those that want to know what is what in the Hybrid world.

I noticed that with every release of a new GM vehicle, GMI gets a massive influx of guests, so I thought that perhaps we could serve our guests well by actually giving them information about why GMs current Hybrid advancements are so important...without them having to deal with our disapproval in regard to the incorrect bezel alignment of the latest jewelled headlight....or deficiency there of.:D

So we at GMI welcome our visitors and lurkers (you know who I'm talking about;)) and present to you a guide and glossary of GMs new generation of Hybrids.....

Cue GMIs SMEs (Subject Matter Experts)....That isn't me by the way;), so those in the know, please feel free to contribute. Acronyms, benefits, upcoming platforms, release dates; whatever you think will help our guests to sate their thirst for Hybrid Knowledge :)

P.S. Thanks to Captain Dan for unwittingly inspiring this thread.:D

P.P.S. This thread is for information so please take any heated debate elsewhere. But feel free to discuss where improvements can be made.


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Has anyone else considered the fact that a hybrid is just a big procrastination machine? It doesn't do anything to get off our dependence on foreign oil, it just gives you a few more weeks between fill-ups.

And I'll start it off with this question...

What makes a PHEV more fuel efficient than a regular old hybrid? For example, why is the Vue Plug-in more fuel efficient than the Vue Two-Mode?

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Because burning more oil is a good thing?:rolleyes: Reducing oil use is a good thing while alternatives are developed. Alternatives take time. Some might not work. It could take a while to go through all the trial and error. In the meantime, oil still makes the world go around.
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