After years of dull Tauruses and (slightly less dull) Road Masters, the wagon is having something of a cultural resurgence. Few things are as sure to excite the enthusiast population as a wagonified version of a modern car. And this "Nomaro" is a perfect example of why.

Brought to our attention by the fine folk over at Jalopnik the Nomaro is the brainchild of (our sister site) forum member Rmay who has done this kind of thing before with a '56 Chevy El Camino conversion of his own design.

So he knew that before starting on the full size thing he'd need some small scale mock ups.

"I started by looking at similar ideas others may have done," writes Rmay in his forum post. "Cutting and pasting images and building a design toy model to see if I should pursue this project."

Eventually, he was convinced, and decided to look for a full size donor car. He found a blue 2010 Camaro LS with some damage to the rear quarter and roof at a salvage auction and picked it up. He also found a 2005 Dodge Magnum at another auction, which gave him the roof he needed as well as a treasure trove of parts he could sell to finance the Nomaro.

"With help and encouragement from several of my car friends, the transition of the Camaro into a Wagon was soon underway," writes Rmay. "I chose to maintain what I call a factory look leaving the stock color and as much of the Camaro as I could."

He did, however add some SS wheels, a chrome grille, and had his own "Nomaro" badges made for the car, too.

And though it may look great, there were some headaches along the way. The Canadian-built car decided that French was a superior language after the battery was unplugged. Despite changing the menu language in the infotainment screen back to English, the gauge cluster, weirdly, refused to surrender, so Rmay had to drive around with French warnings and messages in his binnacle.

"Fast forward 4 months of driving and still not fluid in understanding French," writes Rmay. "I then just did the guy thing and said screw the instructions and kept playing with the buttons. My method worked and the Nomaro and I understand each other as we are now both communicating in English."

Since then it's been smooth sailing as the final pieces of the puzzle came together. Despite driving it around before it was in show condition, Rmay was amazed at the response he got from passers by.

"I am amazed at the amount of people I don't know that either come up to me or take pictures when I am driving and post them," he writes. "My Son works for GM in Michigan and his friends found my car shared on a Mopar site with a picture of me driving it the day before. I am really looking forward to one of my visits when I drive the Nomaro to Michigan […] Hopefully they will like my Nomaro conversion as well."