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The Female Perspective on Cars

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The Female Perspective on Cars: Johnson Controls Conducts International Study Investigating 'What Women Want' in Vehicle Interior Design

Results to inspire and drive women-focused design and product development
PLYMOUTH, Mich., Aug. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- When choosing a vehicle, women want design options that offer flexibility, allow them to connect to the outside world and offer more storage space. These are some of the key findings from a study conducted by Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI) in the United States and Europe, in response to the recent women-focused trends and market indicators highlighting the increasing buying power of women. The company will utilize the data to inspire and drive industrial design and new product development that meets the evolving needs of women

"Today's women are more autonomous than ever before. As their lives evolve, it's clear that their vehicles need to transform with them," said Bill Fluharty, vice president, Global Research and Discovery. "The information gained from this study will help provide the insight that is critical for Johnson Controls to continue creating ingenious automotive interiors that meet the changing needs of female consumers."

The results from both the United States and Europe were mostly similar. Some research result highlights include:

-- Women are in transition -- whether a recent college graduate or a retiree, transition resonated throughout the interviews. Women's life stages, mind sets and responsibilities are evolving and their vehicles need to transition to address these changes. From the working woman with her mobile office to "mom's taxi service," vehicles need to be customized to offer features and products that meet their expanding roles.

-- Women are connected -- women of all ages are incredibly connected to technology and depend on the most recent technological advances to feel more connected to their family and friends. For women, technology is more than simply gadgetry and electronics -- it offers them the safety, security and convenience they desire.

-- Women need more storage space -- women are creating their own storage areas because their vehicles (across most segments) fail to provide them with adequate space. In addition they would prefer to have reconfigurable storage compartments that truly optimize available space.

-- Women need style -- the study revealed that women long for greater style in their vehicles and miss the excitement of driving more "fun, non-mom" vehicles.

-- Women are environmentally conscious -- women are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly that are convenient to their lifestyle and sensitive to their budget.

-- Women feel good in their car -- the vehicle provides a feeling of safety and security, especially when they are alone in their vehicle. They use their commute as a way to take a break and relax. Women have a lot of personal items in their cars, which provide a feeling of being at home, and they wish to have more possibilities to create their interior to get more of the feeling of being at home.

To explore women's current values, motivations and concerns and to better understand how the female perspective influences interior vehicle needs, Johnson Controls conducted a qualitative research study. A multi-method research approach of individual interviews, duo in-home interviews and focus groups were conducted throughout Chicago, Boston, Germany and the Czech Republic in the fall of 2007.

In addition to interior design insight, the information generated by this study also helped identify and prioritize some of the key criteria that women consider when purchasing a vehicle, including function, safety, style, gas mileage and price.

Johnson Controls' Consumer Research Group utilizes advanced research methods -- such as trend, target group, brand, product interior and concept research -- to gain insight into consumer mindsets. The group then translates the gathered market and consumer intelligence for designers and engineers to create product developments that are targeted to the needs of the industry.
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T-Rex has a BMW because he, at one point, wanted to impress a girl with it.
Hey now, wait a minute....!

Oh. Never mind. I did! :D Well not ONE girl, I just didn't want to attract the wrong kind of girl. Drive a BMW you land that MBA, lawyer, or med student. Drive a Silverado, you land Betty Sue. Drive a Camaro, you land... well, I'll be nice and leave it at that.
Agree with this statement. Most on this site will talk big and then go ask wifey for $5 so they can buy lunch tomorrow. ;)
Wanna know what's more pathetic? My wife's actually slightly submissive, but I still wuss out EVERY single time! I could get away with being a troglodyte, giving her a smack and ordering her to go fix me a turkey pot pie.

But I dont. It's combination of sheer awe (even after 10+ years she still takes my breath away) and crippling fear (even after 10+ years I still have nightmares about waking up and she's gone...).

She's been in New Zealand for weeks now and I'm going insane.
I can't believe you actually said that.

What kind of girl would judge you by the car you drive?
Please don't tell me you buy into the lies that feminists, educated women, the self-edifacing literati and the self-appointed intelligentsia tell you! Thwak the cavewoman is still impressed by Grok the caveman's bigger and better club, even the Thwaks with PhDs...
Wow...are women really that controlling? Serious question from a happily single homosexual man.
Unfortunately, yes. But they're worth it! At least mine is. :)
You almost bought youself a few points....
Awww Alzypoo... you know you're ALWAYS the exception to my "Camaro" cracks! I hope though you've got more respect for yourself than to simply settle for some gum-chomping, huge-haired Jersey Girl wearing acid-wash jeans! You're too sweet of a guy. We need to hook you up with a nice Southern girl...! :D

I just love playing Cupid!
The question I have is where are people still getting their hands on acid wash jeans these days?

It's part of a line I lifted from the movie Chasing Amy. Joey Lauren Adams' character is a lesbian, but she falls in love with Ben Affleck. She's not wild about letting her "pink army" friends find out she's in love with a guy, so she's very coy about describing him. Her and Affleck's characters are from the same home town in Jersey, and she tells her lesbian friends that she met somebody from her home town, which illicits the response from one of her snotty lesbian friends...

"Ewwww. A bridge & tunnel Jersey d*ke with huge hair and acid wash jeans"

It's one of those lines from a movie that just stuck in my head....!

And jeeze, you guys know I'm only teasing anyway. Would someone as hyper-liberal as myself be such a class snob for real?
You're really from Vale?
I don't get it.

Oh crap, my class is starting right now. It might be nice if I showed up!

gotta go...
Sorry, from my Spanglish. Vail, Colorado. You know Colorado, where the rich are liberal and biggest elitists on the planet?
I wasn't really familiar with Vail or Colorado culture. I've always assumed it was this big huge hick state with a rich resort or two.

I went with my pretentious cousin and his tacky-but-doesnt-know-it wife to Aspen once in the mid 1990s. Never left the bar. I don't know what's so elitist about the people I met there. They were all trashy and were in desperate need of lessons regarding etiquette. I've been to hillbilly wedding receptions with more class. I've had more refined meals with Peter Griffin. I saw snooty women walking around with noses in the air, yet were dressed like a ****tail waitress on an oil rig...

I don't take environments like that, or the people in them, very seriously.
Besides, the best part of me is something that I shouldn't show in public!
Hey now, nobody likes it when guys like you brag about how big their....


Wait. Never mind.

If you want tips on how to very tastefully show it off, in a suggestive manner of course, let me know. I've honed that particular task into an art form.

Lemme involves a box....:rolleyes:

:lmao: :rotf: :lmao: :rotf:

Dude, was that Tustin Jimberlake??? That was hilarious!

But you know those boxes they deliver long-stemmed roses in?....

Oh. Wait.

Never mind.
Well, in a lot of marriages, his and her money is more like OUR money. In my case, we've always felt having a combined "general fund" bank account would keep us more honest. Seeing the $8,000 bill from Manolo would raise an eyebrow high enough to discourage such waste... except occasionally on special occasions.

And just because you like nice things doesn't make you snooty or stuck up. Most Ferrari owners I've met are very down to earth and enthusiastic about their cars.
People were shocked to find out that Mrs. Rex and I didn't have any sort of joint finances until years after we were married. I made my money and she made hers. The household expenses were split between us, and what was left was ours to spend. When I quit my job and began teaching the scales weren't exactly balanced, so we finally pooled our resources. Not that either of us mind. We're both such ridiculous tightwads...
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