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prior to getting my 02 impala, the last 4 cars i had were all 80's products.. and after driving the impala for 2 months, one weekend i got into my 88 monte carlo, and was annoyed that i had to reach over and actually turn my headlights on and that it took awhile to lower the power windows.. love those automatic headlights on my impala. actually i think some of these new features are great, i can recall before the days of drls and automatic headlights, i once drove 30 minutes at night and forgot to turn headlights on, and yes the dashboard was dark but thats because it was a ford and dash lights had shorted out years before that!! lol

only things that annoy me about modern cars are the bright yellow warning stickers on visor that are hell to take off. even on my leather seats, the rear seat has little imprinted logos on the leather to show how to buckle the seat belt or something. and specificly the gm radios that if swapped, make resetting oil monitor difficult and you'd loose warning chimes.
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