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I remember the extensive research done to prove that DRL's actually made our roads safer. I never figured out why, instead of having just the headlights on, have a DRL system where just the parking lights are on. Just as effective, but without the annoying glare and the added benefit of better visability of the rear. I think the always-on parking lights is a much improved version of DRL's.

What's missing from his list are things like idiot lights to replace the oil pressure and volt gauges, and automatics with a tach - a volt gauge would be so much more useful than a tach in a car with an automatic. You can't bump-start an automatic with a dead battery like you can a stick shift. Or how about headlights that turn yellow and fade after a few years. Used to be you replaced the whole headlight, lens and, for the same price of the whole headlight, all you get is the bulb...and if you want to replace the yellowed, scratched-up lens, you're into hundreds of dollars.

I have to say I agree with Ford's seatbelt reminder, which is intrusive and annoying (at least on the Ford minivan I drove once). However, that's specific to Ford...Chrysler and GM continue to offer the gentle reminder after the car's started.

Then there's ABS, which might be a good thing if it didn't make drivers over-confident about their car's stopping ability, and air bags which do as much harm as they do good. At least DRL's were researched for years before they were mandated.

My biggest gripe, however, is bumpers that can't be bumped. Used to be, cars came with bump-resistant bumpers mounted on they're simply a rebar wrapped in overpriced styrofoam and plastic bolted right to the car's frame. You bump into someone in a parking lot, and you're into thousands of dollars worth of damage. The fact that this guy overlooked this demonstrates to me that his priorities are all mixed up.
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