Looking to get yourself into a Chevy Bolt, you may have to wait slightly longer than expected.

ClenTechnica is reporting pre-orders for the 200-plus-mile EV have been pushed back from August to November of this year, with deliveries beginning in earnest come January 2017.

When Kyle Field walked into his SoCal Chevy shop looking to place a pre-order dealer staff told him to come back in November when order banks would officially open, while deliveries they said will be pushed from October 2016 to January 2017.

This is contrary to what GM said at the ACT Conference in Long Beach, California earlier this year when they announced pre-ordering would begin in August 2016.

GM continues to claim deliveries of the Bolt EV will begin in 2016, however now with a caveat-- "limited deliveries will occur by the end of 2016." The popular theory has GM earmarking early production Bolts for Lyft customers, but then again we also have to remember GM never said cars would be in owner hands before the end of 2016, just that cars would be available.

Back in January our kissing cousin HybridCars.com spoke with GM about the ambiguity of their availability promise, and it turns out available really means available for pre-order.

"We plan to have the vehicle in production by the end of this year, that's our commitment; so we plan to have units rolling off the line by the end of the year," said Kevin Kelly, manager, Electrification and Fuel Cell Technology Communications told HC. "They said it would be 'available.' Now that could be placing orders. It will be available."

So there you have it, Chevy Bolts are unlikely to be found on dealer lots until 2017...