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The car interior of the future

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All the buttons are there, you just can’t see them yet. The thin integrated centre panel, which at first appears to be a blank section of silver trim, contains all the usual controls, but only lights up when your hand approaches. You can arrange these controls as you wish, with the skin able to wrap over virtually any surface contour. And it even gives physical feedback when you select a function through a pre-programmed artificial vibration.
Yes, the dial pack is completely computerised, with sections using a new 3M film that creates the illusion of 3D without the need to wear any dodgy goggles. Through this, information can be layered graphically – say for sat-nav instructions and the like. The whole sweep of dashboard uses a light transmissive film that only makes imagery visible when it’s required.
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Heh heh heh....
It's the Star Trek control panels come to life!!! :clap:
This isn't anything new. This has been done on alot of concepts, especially for Volvo.
These systems appeared in Saab and Jaguar concepts.
This might be viable in 3-5 years... maybe more, i guess...

But chances are.... it will b e very expensive.... and I'll put money down that the first car implementation will be in the Gen 10 S-Class.
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