Ward's Auto has been handing out awards for a long time and although you may be most familiar for their list of greatest engines, that's not the award the C8 won yesterday. No, instead the C8 Corvette has best named the winner of its 10 Best Interiors competition.

The interior of the C8 has been somewhat controversial. With a large line of buttons running down the center of the ****pit, the C8's interior is heavily driver-focused. Makes sense in a Corvette, but it can, according to some, leave your passengers feeling a bit walled off.

But Ward's Auto points out that above all else, the C8's interior is a massive leap forward for Corvette.

"A passerby need only look through the window to recognize the latest Corvette interior takes a monumental leap in styling, quality and materials relative to past efforts," they write.

Enamored of the fine leather, the tasteful carbon, and the handsome buttonry, the team can't find much to criticize. Even the long row of buttons that some take issue with, the team says envelops "the driver in what feels like a high-performance cocoon."