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The bling factor

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Is it just me, or are there increasing references to Cadillac on TV and radio when someone is trying to make a point about being the best or having the best of something? I've heard it now and then, but last night, there were two blatant references of this type within ten minutes of each other, in addition to the more subtle references I'm seeing and hearing lately.

First, as I was watching the end of The Munsters on TV Land, this commercial comes on where this actor starts out by saying something like "I demand the best of everything", as he's driving his Cadillac XLR. The camera shots of the Cadillac were so gratuitous that I thought this was going to be a Cadillac commercial even though the mood and music were all wrong. Finally, well into the commercial, the actor reveals that he's talking about Radio Shack. After going on and on about "", the closing shot of the commercial shows our hero again driving in his Cadillac.

Not ten minutes later on The Dennis Miller Show during his opening monologue, Miller made some crack about the Statue of Liberty fundraising scandal that's been in the news, quipping that they should take the extra $2M and "pile it into a Cadillac Escalade!", implying in the context of the joke that the Escalade is the ultimate expression of wealth that Miller could come up with.

...I dunno, is it just me? :unsure: Have you folks run into these kinds of references more and more, or is it just my hypersensitivity to any good news about Cadillac?
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