Our first peek at the 2019 Silverado's new interior, the best look yet at its redesigned front end and a new engine enters the test fleet.

From what the uncovered center stack is showing, the Silverado's ostensibly new interior doesn't venture too far from the current one. Some of the surfacing appears to be new and it looks like GM's full-size trucks will be getting a larger infotainment screen, based on this initial snapshot it doesn't seem like the 2019 interior will change much, at least visually.

OnStar and Emergency buttons will move from their current mirror mounted position, to a new spot on the headliner. Zoomed in images of the steering wheel reveal what looks to be a small joystick or toggle switch, which could indicate some kind of technological breakthrough from the General.

The shooters were also able to capture the Chevy mule running around without the white mesh that's been draped over the headlights of every prior prototype. The 2019 truck will bring an evolution of the current Silverado's split headlight design-- the top half will become more angular and consist of three individual light elements, while the LED strip moves to the bottom half.

Both of Chevrolet's prototypes are still wearing the odd Ford doppelganger grille, which is probably GM subconsciously telling us the Silverado will incorporate more aluminum bits as it tries to shed weight and gain miles per gallon. Also, in the name of aerodynamic efficiency, the mirrors will move to the doors and the front air dam will grow substantially.

Significantly this is the first sighting of Silverado prototypes with a side-exit exhaust, indicating GM has begun testing the Silverado with a second engine--there's nothing to indicate Chevy will ditch the 5.3 and 6.2-liter V8s used currently--previously sighted mules had dual escapes just under the rear bumper.

It's unclear when GM's new half-ton twins might show up for real, but NAIAS 2018 in Detroit is probably a safe bet. In the meantime, Silverado volume was down 19.7-percent in April, the truck's second consecutive month of double-digit decline.