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Thank you Teamsters! #2 Auto Hauler to go out of business!

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This is unreal! The Teamsters wouldn't agree to even a 2 MONTH cut in pay and now the #2 Auto hauler in the country is dead! Sure, most of the drivers have found other jobs, but the company is gone! Way to go!! UAW pay attention!! This is the way to do it!! :mad:
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That company was the victim of internal mismanagement!

Why is everyone up in arms over this? A company that was (probably) managed poorly goes out of business. That's the way that capitalism should work.
you know, whether management is great or lousy, you do not strike in a transport company that is already mortgaged with equipment debt, (or you think trucking companies pay cash for their trucks?) at a time of record diesel prices... not to mention rising maintanance of fleet costs...
Now, a single stream revenue company with tight margins will survive in a difficult energy enviroment especially when its not diversified, with cut throat competation and low barriers to entry? but do not think it will if you hit its revenue. Cash flow is king in distribution, tight margin industries... Its not management that is smoking pot, its union bosses high on 1930's soviet opium
You overshot the mark. I wasn't thinking of the financial obligations of the company, just that companies do not go into bankruptcy over their employees. The management didn't keep the company away from harm and eventually it came into the mercy of socialists.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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