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Thank God for cheap gas.

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A prayer group in Washington DC is claiming the credit for the recent sharp drop in the US price of petrol.

Rocky Twyman, 59, a veteran community campaigner, started Pray At The Pump meetings at petrol stations in April.

Since then, the average price of what the US calls gasoline has fallen from more than $4 a gallon to $3.80.

"We don't have anybody else to turn to but God," Mr Twyman told the BBC. "We have to turn these problems over to God and not to man."
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For the record I prayed to a combination of Satan and the Flying Spaghetti Monster for cheaper gas. Let us praise their combined fiery-noodly goodness!
That is so funny, I've heard that same story too only told differently. The way I heard it was a man on top of a roof with flooding going on around him and he ended up drowning then going to Heaven.
Kind of cheapens the whole religion doesn't it? I mean who would want to go to a Heaven full of stupid people?
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