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It pains me to watch this. And it pains me to say that I can't see them surviving. I still believe the folks who founded Tesla did not truly comprehend how expensive it is to actually design and then build cars. We all know it costs billions to bring out a new platform and drivetrain, and yet Tesla planned to do it on a shoestring budget. It just wasn't feasible, and now they're in serious trouble.

And looking at the number of cars they've built, they're still so far behind 2008 builds they simply can't catch up. Sure, "demand" may be there but they're not even close to meeting it. At present they have 27 cars out the door but the waiting list that I saw back in the Spring was about 1200, when the first car went out the door. At this rate they'll get those 1200 customers their cars by 2028.

The other worrying aspect of the various announcements I've seen the past 2 days is that they're planning on laying off design members for the sedan. That's bad news as it will push the sedan out further than the few months delay Tesla is claiming.

I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like a serious underestimation of the costs of actually designing and building a modern car in today's world.
The problem was the reason all of this is that expensive was because Detroit was old fashioned, didn't know what it was doing, and couldn't manage it's way out of a paper bag. :fall:

Unless of course all of that archaic nonsense that Detroit does exists, um, for a reason? This is why consultants screw stuff up so often and do it so well, they don't have much insight or knowledge about an industry beyond making a good PowerPoint presentation.

Although, perhaps Telsa should have kept some of their former Detroiters... they could teach the brass in Silicon Valley a thing or two about managing a proper layoff... :lmao::eek:
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