Maybe this is a moment. Maybe this is an olive branch that will bring worlds of greenery together with the old fashioned crowd, to make people who are into magnets get along with those who still firmly believe that there's no replacement for displacement.

Maybe it's just dumb.

You could hardly ask for a less EV-friendly decal than the Pontiac Firebird's screaming chicken. A point proven to great effect by the hood scoop.
mother of god...

- Problem Magnet (@Tweetermeyer) May 8, 2018
I know.

I know that most hood scoops are actually useless. Little more than automotive jewellery, but at least there's an engine below most hood scoops that could actually use the air that a hoodscoop would provide. The Tesla just has a storage bin below it.

So yes, this combination isn't exactly… right.

But, here's the thing. Tesla owners clearly care about cars. Yes, they defend their strange cars despite all evidence telling them that they shouldn't, but what could be more enthusiastic than that? Who among us hasn't defended a car despite its flaws?

So I accept you Tesla fan. You're weird and you're doing things that I don't understand, but you seem to have a sense of humor.