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YupYupYup, if Ford was oh-so-great, they wouldn't've recorded so many losses on Jaguar, and ultimately haven't sold it...

Ford had no clue, as usual. They greenlighted two undercooked models, one of which was awful (S-Type), and other simply unfinished. The engineering might have been top-notch, but it costs about the same to build an ugly car and a nice car, not to mention that if they have no idea for an interior, they'd better stick with the old design...

Second shot in the foot by Ford was letting subpar quality of interiors. Suddenly, however, they could come up with an all-new high-quality set of switchgear for the XK and XF, so I guess it is more incompetence than funding problems.
I think James May summed it up quite nicely.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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