As with every generation of Corvette, the C8 will have its own, newly designed logo and Chevy has just revealed it.

The new logo continues with the Corvette's longstanding theme of crossed checkered and Chevrolet flags, while squeezing them closer together than ever.

Its own modern trend, ever since Chevrolet ditched the flag poles with the sixth generation (the fourth-gen also ditched the poles, but they came back for the fifth-gen), this new emblem sees the flags closer together than ever.

The new logo is anything but a wild departure but the new shape is a little cleaner-looking almost like a stag's head trophy.

As mentioned above, despite changing with every generation, the logo has been playing with the same themes since the very beginning.

Originally designed by Robert Bartholomew, the logo was originally supposed to see a checkered flag crossing with an American flag. Unfortunately, the US Flag Code forbids using the stars and stripes for commercial purposes-which, I guess, they paid more attention to in the early '50s.

The American flag then was replaced by a red one with a Chevy badge and a fleur-de-lis. Why go from the symbol of American freedom to the banner of French royalty? The team looked back through Louis Chevrolet's history to see if they could use the family crest on the flag but found nothing good. Instead, they used the popular French flower that represents peace and purity to honor the founder's background.

Although the fleur-de-lis was dropped with the C4, it quickly returned with the C5 and has been on every other generation's emblem.

We'll get to see the new logo where it belongs-on the hood of the car-when it's revealed on July 18.