Can't wait for a four-door Mustang? Or want the four-door coupe look but you're a die-hard bowtie fan? Well, then we've got just the ticket. It's a four-door 1980 Chevrolet Corvette.

According to the selling dealer, it's one of just six cars ever built. One was a prototype and three others were wrecked. So there are apparently only two of them in the world. Believe it or not, this one actually came like this from the factory. Yup, GM had, at some point in the late 1970s, predicted the future.

The Corvette America, as it was called according to Super Chevy, was designed by California Custom Coach. They chopped two cars in half and extended the wheelbase by 30-inches. As one does.

The biggest problem, other than cutting Vettes in half, was the price. $35k at a time where a base car sold for $13,000. Ouch.

Chevrolet actually sold five of these cars to the public, and one of just two remaining is up for sale.

The car is equipped with a 350 V8 and an automatic transmission. The odometer shows just over 21,000 miles, and based on the condition of the fire engine red interior (what an interesting time for interior design) we doubt it's rolled over.

This four-door Corvette does get real back seats, and the glass opens up for some cargo space. Something it didn't do in the standard car that year. You'll also notice there are no door handles. Instead, there's a code to punch in on a pad near the driver's door.

This one is for sale in California for a healthy $216,427. But hey, as the dealer says "we will match the price on any similarly equipped mileage and condition vehicle. So if you can find a cheaper four-door 1980 Corvette, they'll match it. Good luck.

[source: NBS Auto Showroom]