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Synthetic oil worth the extra money?

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Synthetic Oil worth the Extra Money

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Is synthetic oil worth the extra cost over non synthetic oil? I've been using regular 5w-20 Pennzoil in my mazda3. Regular Pennzoil is dirt cheap in the chicagoland area on sale $.99 a Quart. Mobil 1 is around $25 for an oil filter and 5 quarts on sale.
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Completely depends on the car, the engine type and engine packaging...

Synthetic oils only provide benefit if you have a high revving tightly packed "hot" motor like ricer turbos...

Synthetics buy you protection against thermal breakdown. LS7? S/C Northstar Ya sure use a synthetic... V6 Minivan? waste of money.
Most domestic engines run just fine on old school Dino juice.

Or to look at it another way, how many oil related failures have you ever had/heard of? Most of the marketing is based on fear and confusion.
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