A sales member at a Canadian Chevrolet dealership has taken to YouTube to tell customers that production at Bowling Green is shutting down. The shut down will stop the flow of C8 Corvettes and comes as a result of parts shortages, according to the video embedded below.

The sales member, Morgan Crosbie, says that since the second shift started, boosting Corvette production, certain suppliers have been unable to keep up with demand. Rather than slow down, the plant is stopping production in order to build up a backlog of parts.

Crosbie argues that the shut down will allow the production line to work more smoothly, ensuring a better result at the end of the production line.

Crosbie does not give a timeline for when production will restart. GM Authority, citing unnamed sources, reports that production of the 2021 model is being pushed back into December. The original start date for '21s was supposed to be November 16, but will now be in early December, according to the outlet.

This is yet another delay for the '21s, whose production was initially pushed back to let Bowling Green finish as many 2020 models as possible. Not every order will be able to be completed, so some people will have to be satisfied with '21s, which are marginally different. That said, Chevrolet has promised to keep order holders from being charged more.

There's more bad news for Canadian Corvette buyers, too. Chevrolet will stop delivering Corvettes this winter. That means that the last C8 delivery in 2020 will happen on the second week of November. Deliveries won't restart until the spring.