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Wow. I don't know where you're coming from. My folks live in Malibu, and there are lots of canyon roads like that. I went to Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake this Memorial Day weekend, and the climb up to 7,000 feet was almost exactly like that video.

I didn't see cars "littered off the side of the roads and in the valleys".

There are lots of places in our fair country like that. Maybe your statements are more of a reflection of your own driving abilities.

Nice video btw.

Wow amazing..... Notice the country side, devoid of shopping malls, strip malls, corporate banner cluttering the skyline, and hey how bout that traffic commute. Can you imagine if people here in the US had to drive on roads like that, it would be a disaster. There would be cars littered off the sides of the roads and in the valleys cause we simply can’t drive, second maximum speed would be .5mph. We can't even perform a lane change or navigate entrance or exit ramp with any comprehension let alone something like that.

Maybe a vacation to Europe is in store.
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