More sound and fury or something far more serious? No one quite knows.

Last week in quick succession we received several juicy clues:

First Bowling Green was given a $290 million cash injection for "technology upgrades and manufacturing process improvements." That's in addition to the $439 million poured into the facility last year.

Days later, the mythical beast purportedly reared it's incubated head in a rare daytime sighting at GM's venerated Milford proving grounds.

However, the armada of Cadillacs escorting it complicated the theory.

Now, a member over at Corvette Forum claims to have the inside track on God's Corvette:
The production nameplate is Corvette Zora and Cadillac will be building a vehicle on the same platform with the same engine, the Cadillac has a production nameplate listed only as "Sports car." The engine these two cars will share is...

4.2L (4209cc) Twin Turbo V8 quad cam 32V, engine program is called LTA HO
600 HP at 5000rpm
600 TQ at 4000rpm
Built in Tonawanda, NY

Production numbers for Zora are expected to be around 300 in MY2018 and jump to 400 per year by MY2020.

I don't have direct confirmation if it's mid engine, because the platform and layout listed is the same as the current C7.
This would certainly square with the scads of speculation, both surrounding the mid-engine supercar and a new twin turbo V8. But is it legitimate?