Corvette owners are taking Chevrolet to court. A class action suit is proposed against the automaker, saying that some models were sold with wheels that crack, bend, warp, and are not cheap to replace or repair.

It started with plaintiff Anthony Nardizzi, reports. He alleges he leased a 2018 Corvette in California, which he took immediately to a wheel-finishing company to have the wheels coated. The wheel company allegedly recorded a video showing two of the wheels were already bent, requiring a $7,500 replacement.

Nardizzi said he took the issue to the dealership, who allegedly responded that the warping was due to his driving and wouldn't warranty a repair. GM later agreed to cover $1,200 of the replacement cost.

The class action suit affects 2015 and newer Z06 models and 2017 and up Grand Sport cars with cast aluminum wheels. The suit says that they're dangerous because they can puncture the tires once cracked. They're also harmful to wallets, as the wheels are not cheap to replace.

It alleges that GM knew or should have known about the wheels, based on internal data and prior customer complaints. And that GM concealed the defects because owners wouldn't have become owners had they known.

The suit was filed in California, and the allegations have yet to be proven in court.

[source: Carcomplaints]