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Subaru STi ad...great video

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Thought this was a good vid to share. Reminds me why I love my car.
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That was the coolest car vid I've seen in a while :clap:
The new STi is absolutely AMAZING! It is ungodly fast. If you haven't given it a test drive you really should, just close your eyes while getting in the car... :D
I love the website name :D:

I wish all car commercials were like that. The again, most cars would fall apart doing those kind of stunts.... I'm glad Sube is still pushing the performance envelope.
Nice commercial. Too bad its an ugly car though.
Apparently the photographer running for his life in that one shot of the car rolling down the hill is a member on NASIOC...insane!
i like the commercial, but the new one is just ugly as sin.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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