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Great stuff all around. I'm very happy to hear that a number of pulbications like AutoWeek are finally giving Caddy it's due and the new STS is no exception.

My favorite comment?

Power is routed through a five-speed automatic, the only transmission available, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see a six-speed manual gearbox down the road at some point.
I could only hope! In my opinion, since the STS is deemed to compete more with the 5-Series in price and performance, the inclusion of a manual is a must. This coinsides with editor's comments that were posted on In the future section, regarding the STS-V, the editor wrote:

Power is expected to come from a supercharged version of Cadillac's 4.6-liter Northstar V8 putting the STS-V in the 400-500-horsepower range. And don't be surprised if it shows up with a six-speed manual transmission either as Cadillac fully intends for this car to be a true competitor to BMW's M5 super sedan.
I only hope this is the case. Obviously if a manual were included in the STS-V, it is very possible that the same transmission could find its way into the rest of the STS lineup. I think that the inclusion of a manual transmission would go a long way to help people identify Cadillacs as a true luxo-sporting marque along the lines of BMW. It would also be a way of signalling that the new Cadillac is a "driver's car", and not a land-barge any longer.

Also, here's the review of the STS by, I found it pretty good as well:*

Some pics:

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