It's high time Chevy stopped playing the wait and see game.

If Chevy was skeptical of the Mustang's international growth they better stop thinking that way and fast. It was just announced that the Mustang is the top-selling sports-coupe across the globe.

During 2015 Ford sold some 140,000 Mustangs in 140 countries-- including RHD markets like Australia and the UK.

In Australia the Mustang was sold out through 2017 until Ford offered them a 2,000 car lifeline; while in the UK shoppers have ordered 3,500 cars. Both favoring the 5.0.

Even the all-important Chinese market is smitten with Ford's pony- it was the top-selling sports coupe there during Q4 2015. Chinese buyers are opting for turbo power over the V8.

Chevy can keep posturing that they need to build a business case and ensure demand is present-- all the while, Ford is more than happy to sell you a Mustang in whatever flavor...