The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, has been very publicly eyeing a Chevy Bolt EV, and today he announced he got one.

Prior reporting had him saying he'd not buy a Tesla Model 3, after Chevrolet grabbed his attention with the $37,495 Bolt with 238 miles range.

After some back and forth on Facebook, Woz said today an older Model S was out, and the new Bolt is in. He still retains a Model S P100D, a Hummer, and Mercedes S-Class but says the Bolt will be the main car.
New car will be our main car. @chevyelectric

- Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) January 3, 2017
His Facebook announcement today has been getting lots of likes, several shares, and while he's said little there today on his thinking, he'd previously been quoted on how he saw things.

"Gary, after seeing the insides and the UI [User Interface], Tesla will have a difficult time selling me a Model 3," he said on Facebook to a friend. "A lot of things wrong with the Tesla Model S are done correctly (my opinion) in this car. But it's still missing a place to put your sunglasses, ha ha."

It appears functionality put him over the top.

"I tell everyone that the most valuable, useful car of my life was the Prius that I drove for 10 years. I don't need top-of-the-line luxury. We have a Tesla but there is no other EV choice that's good for road trips. The Bolt will need some personal testing by [his wife] Janet and myself to find out how it is on road trips. Otherwise, it's what we want. Extra features aren't the big picture, or we'd have skipped the Tesla for a Mercedes."