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There’s nothing else on the road quite like Chevy’s SSR. No other vehicle combines fun, function and versatility in one stunning package. Chevrolet, with the assistance of GM Service and Parts Operations, is very excited to offer a huge array of accessories that take SSR’s style and functionality up a few notches. The end result is the creation of vehicles that are as unique as their owners.

Adding both function and a touch of style are body-color running boards. They feature a non-slip surface to make vehicle entry and exit easier and provide a very cool and contemporary appearance.

Inside, SSR owners may opt for the auxiliary gauge package (voltmeter, instantaneous fuel consumption and transmission oil temperature). Shown in body color on this vehicle, the auxiliary gauge package is seamlessly integrated in front of the center console. Also available are customized floor mats with decorative piping and an embroidered SSR logo.

This special SSR also features integrated sidesaddle storage. The form-fitting, locking covered storage boxes attach to the floor and side tracks of the cargo area. The interior compartment for each box is about 12-inches deep, 40-inches long, and 8-inches wide, enabling secure storage of everything from tools and trailer hitch inserts to fishing equipment, waxes and polishes.

Also helping to secure loose items in the truck bed is the cargo netting package. It consists of a crossbar positioned between the upper rails, cargo netting that attaches to the tailgate and four tie-down rings. The netting package is adjustable to the length of the cargo area, ensuring secure storage for everything from small grocery items to oversized luggage.

Other future planned SPO accessories featured on this vehicle include a body-color engine cover insert, hood struts, chrome tonneau hinges, a tool kit, a truck care kit, a trailer hitch and an uplevel hood blanket.

The accessory program developed for the Chevrolet SSR is one of GM’s most comprehensive, further adding to the status of a vehicle that has attracted the attention of automotive enthusiasts since it first appeared on the show circuit. The SSR shown here at SEMA has many accessories that are planned for production and a few that are still being evaluated.


-Redline Red exterior color
-Redline Red body-color running boards
-Redline Red body-color rub strips
-Trailer hitch
-Chrome tonneau hinges

-Redline Red Body-color auxiliary gauges
-Integrated side saddle storage
-Cargo Netting Package: includes cross bar and four tie-down rings
-Customized floor mats with embroidered SSR Logo
-Tool kit that stores in cargo cover drop down storage
-SSR care kit

Under the hood
-Redline Red body-color engine inserts
-Hood struts
-Hood blanket

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how bout an option for a BLOWER!! BAHAHHA THE CAR NEEDS MORE POWER!! a 400hp SSR would be good. Im sick and tired of underpowered novilty/retro cars. DMC finaly got there act together with the turbo PT after the prowler failed with the whimpy 250hp motor.
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