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Spyker Venator not an Artega... but a Lotus Evora

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This week (Dec.10, 2014) a Spyker Venator has been registered in the Netherlands based on.... the already 'RDW'-approved Lotus Evora. Read about earlier speculations what basis the Venator will be using.
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The new Spyker was always seen in the UK as being based in the Lotus mid-engined aluminium chassis - they're quite happy to sell that to anyone, they even sold it to Opel/Vauxhall for a while for the Speedster/VX220.
The Spyker looks better than the Lotus. Well done!!!
Still, by far the nicest one of the three IMO, did not make it. Artega closed shop three years ago.

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Lotus, I almost never hear anything about them and certainly never see their cars. How do they still exist? They had big plans a few years back for 5 new models, did any of them every make it to production???
Not the Europa? Was that ever produced? I grew up as an Lotus fan but admit I totally stopped paying attention years ago. That said, I thought there was a new Europa...
The original Lotus Europa was built from 1966-1975 and they used the name again for the 2006-2010 version which was based on the Exige.
I was looking at a current lotus was paying more attention to what was behind the wheel than the car :D but it was a Lotus Something or other haha
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