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We were just about to write yet another post on new Camaro "spy shots" that were taken in Florida, but we've seen so many uncamouflaged Camaros lately that the initial wow factor has almost entirely worn off. Then we saw pics of this Camaro over at Winding Road. Built entirely out of LEGO pieces by someone who goes by the handle "Crowkillers", these scale models of that last remaining pony car to reenter the market are really amazing. It's not easy to recreate the lines of a modern day muscle car using only square blocks, so it appears that Crowkillers dipped into his bin of Technic pieces allowing for a little more complexity than ye olde traditional LEGOs. We're not entirely positive, but it appears each car is able to move under its own power, as well. They even feature fleshed out interiors and a mock V8 engine under each hood! While not official offerings from LEGO, the company responsible for much of my childhood delight could do worse than have a guy like Crowkillers on its payroll.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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