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Originally posted by mrfunji@May 10 2004, 11:13 AM
More HP in the STS would come from the Northstar, not the 6 L.  Since the STS is more upscale, I think they'd try to use the higher tech engine in it, so they won't have the OHV in a 70k car complaint...cuz you know people would complain (although who know's how much the 6L in the CTS would go for...)

I disagree with the alleged naming...I've heard the CTS V Series Plus referred by a different acronym.

And it would probably match the Z06 for numbers.  That's why they have those Vette Blue Devil rumors floating around :)
I agree with you mrfunji! I personally don't think that GM is even considering using the 6.0L Gen IV in an STS application. The STS is a more upscale vehicle than the CTS and would expect GM to use a blown 4.6 Northstar. I've read in a few online magazines and sites that Caddy was seriously thinking of increasing the displacement of the Northstar to 5.0 liters and producing both engines at the same time -- the 4.6 for normal applications and the 5.0 for performance applications. But they might not do this due to CAFE rules and regulations. Instead they might just use the rumored V-12 instead, but in my opinion, an enlarged 5.0 Northstar would seem easier and more cost effective.

Either way though, it's gonna be a Northstar (or similar) OHC engine for the STS-V. The ONLY reason that GM is using the Gen III LS6 in the CTS-V is b/c it fits --- when the CTS was being designed it was deemed that only a V6 would be necessary and not a V8. Later Lutz came around and reversed that decision, but it was already too far along to change this -- the Northstar wouldn't fit! So the next step was trying to shoehorn in another engine and that left them with the Gen III. Since OHC engines are much much more compact than OHC engines, this was the logical choice until the next generation CTS comes along and they can engineer a larger enginebay for a Northstar V8. Although the 400hp, twin-turbo 3.6L V6 that was in the Velite concept is also an interesting idea....mmmm....

I also agree with you, mrfunji, in that the numbers would probably match the Z06 since the Blue Devil is running around. All the hardcore Vette guys I know are all pi$$ed off and angry over the 400hp number in the CTS-V. This kind of gets to me. They always claim that old GM addage that "Can't have the ponies outrunning the Stallion" when referring to the Vette and possible inhouse competition. This has got to change, especially if GM plans on really taking on it's rivals with Cadillac. What will they do if one day, GM decides to give Cadillac it's own luxury/performance coupe to compete with the likes of a SLR, upcoming Audi Le Mans, NSX, etc? They obviously will have to push the performance envelope to even be considered by the same customers, but Vette owners can't get upset over this. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against keeping the Corvette on a pedistal, but for God's Sake, let's at least give some competitive performance to the other brands in GM. Since Blue Devil will undoubtedly be carrying the GM performance banner, there's no reason NOT to give the CTS-V (or future Caddy performance coupe?) comprable hp numbers to the Vette Z06. Besides, the CTS-V is probably a heavier car anyway and is also a sedan -- it doesn't necessarily attract the same folks who want a performance coupe so there wont' be any cannibalization of sales.
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