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Lexus IS Mystery Solved: It Was An Endurance Racer In Germany With The Candlestick

The mystery Lexus IS circling the ring last week was an unknown. Due to the camo, guesses as to what it could be ranged from a new hybrid to a mid-cycle refresh. Turns out that the most obvious answer was right: it's a race car. Those questionable hood bumps were merely an illusion created by the camouflage. This is the TME/Team Gazoo IS 250, which competes in the ADAC endurance series and can be seen fighting for the Rennstrecken Trophy at the ring. The fastest lap? Just under 10:58. Though not quite Cadillac CTS-V fast, these vehicles are in a group that only allows vehicles with displacements from 2.0- to 2.5-liters (sorry Lexus IS-F). The spy report from those Columbos at KGP below the jump.

More here plus pics
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