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Spotted: Camaro running on the track @ nurburgring!

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Look at how aggressive the car looks squatted down around those turns.

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If Camaro is a pig, then Coupe 60 is a boring pig.

Posts like that will get you a nice vacation. Shape up or ship out.
well for all the 1st generation supposed inspiration, being hundreds upon hundreds of pounds overweight compared to a 69 doesn't really make sense now does it?

This car should be 3400lbs max. Its going to be 3600+ we can't '''confirm''' this as of now, but I think its a foregone conclusion.
So the Camaro should be 100lbs lighter then a solid axle Mustang?
200lbs lighter then a 4th gen?
100lbs lighter then a third gen?

Being hundreds upon hundreds of pounds "overweight" when compared to a first gen is a stuipd thing to say. A first gen doesnt have half the things Camaro has. A first gen couldnt pass current crash tests, nor any other saftey tests.

He made a good point, even if I don't like it and it came off as anti-Camaro. But I know Camaro is your baby, so I understand the irritation. (Believe me, I get it all the time with Cobalt SS shouldn't be an SS when its the most SS in performance and style than Chevy has had in years!)

What point did he make? He said its a pig. Apparently the Coupe 60 is made of carbon fiber, and somehow uses a different version of VE that everyone else, including its larger 4 door version Commodore and sister car Camaro uses.

gee sorry to offend! but if a pigs a pig a pig it will be ,i surely am allowed an opinion:bounce:
And again...if Camaro is a pig, then its sister car (if it is produced) will be same if not heavier then Camaro. So watch what you wish for ladies and gents. Your opinion is fine, but when American engineers are cutting weight on an Aussie platform, we will see whos got the pig coupe.
So you are saying it looks ugly?
I guess thats fine. You aren't gunna get one, so it doesnt matter to me.
All I know is I love it, and it looks a hell of a lot better then the Coupe 60.
oh bigal, nice 72, i wouldnt mind having a 72 split bumper either. beautiful cars. hard to find around here for a decent price. here in cali Shells go for over 8 grand
Thank you very much. Maybe I should move out to Cali?
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