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Spotted: Camaro running on the track @ nurburgring!

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Look at how aggressive the car looks squatted down around those turns.

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Although I would have liked to have seen a little more retro in this car(like the current Challenger) it looks good in the pictures to me. This car will certainly get some attention on the street. GM is building some great vehicles right now with more coming.
Although I have HUGE disagreements with the way they have essentially turned their trucks into cars(IFS, low ground clearance, no low end torque) GM has the most exciting lineup I have seen in a long time. Just think back even five years ago. No rear wheel drive cars except Corvette. Quite frankly, if you did not need a pickup, fullsize SUV or Vette there was not much of a reason to look at GM. Now they have multiple vehicles that I think any enthusiast would want to buy. On top of that they have world class practical cars(Malibu) now as well. Good to see an American icon is still in the fight. Can't wait to see/hear one of these Camaros in person!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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