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There are rumors of an X5 M, so an X6 M makes sense since they are on the same platform.

No idea what the engine would be -- probably the 5l V10 from the M5/M6 or the 6l V12 from the 760.

See... BMW knows how to maintain its image and performance.
Cadillac can't even get a decent, high-tech V8. Hell... DT7 is now 6 years out....

X6 isn't the most attractive car out there, but if X6 M uses the rumored 550HP Twin Turbo V8 that will be dropped into the M5... Then this thing can challenge the Cayenne Turbo and Range Rover Sport SC.

Poor Cadillac and it's FWD-based SRX... :zippy:
Isn't the SRX based on the 1st-gen CTS platform? Or are you talking about the new one?
The Gen 2 SRX will be on the ThetaEpsilon platform -- FWD/AWD.
There is no way it will be able to be as dynamic or performance oriented as the Gen 1 Sigma-based SRX -- RWD/AWD.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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