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Soobie-alternative recommendations, pleez

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I know an internet compadre who is being steered toward a Subaru, because they're AWD.

What are some comparably-priced GM equivalents of say a Forester or one of the cheaper Soobs?

Thanking one and all for your GM-wisdom.
I don't track SUVs/ crossovers/ whatever very closely, so I'm relying on the group for your vehicle savvy. :yup:
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Yeah a Saab is the only really comparable GM vehicle, but the Vibe is an awfully good second-rung competitor. Where it falls short is in power... I've not driven the new one but the old AWD was certainly no Subaru. Still, very likeable car.
agreed Saab 9-3 XWD models are the only real competitor GM has against the Impreza though their higher price will give the Soobie a price advantage. Saab did have the 9-2x as well but that one shared many of it's parts with the Impreza. However it did offer an interior that was made with better build materials and more refined handling.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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